Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Natural Remedies by Mim Beim - Book review

In the past year we have barely been to the doctor. I like using natural remedies, especially for viruses, colds, coughs and similar. I have a collection of resources I use as needed and various ingredients I ensure are always on hand. Last week I was fortunate to receive a copy of Natural Remedies by Mim Beim, one of Australia's most respected naturopaths.

It covers over 200 ailments with natural remedies to help. Each ailment is clearly described, what causes it, dietary advice, remedies and other advice. It is very easy to read and being an A-Z reference it is the sort of book you can keep on hand as needed, flicking through when you feel something coming on to get the remedy instead of having to read the whole thing cover to cover.

That said, it is great to read about the different remedies and how similar remedies can fix different ailments. It is very easy to read, understand and follow the practical tips and remedies Mim offers. 

I don't often get sick and am fortunate that the few times I have it has not been too bad, however, I have discovered there are natural remedies that work much faster for me than many prescribed medications and without side effects I have suffered before. 

There was one particular issue that had I not used a natural remedy for it, I would have required surgery. Instead, it took 2 days to clear with no side effects, not time off for anything and I was able to do it at home, quickly and easily. 

What natural remedies have you tried or are your go to methods?

Disclaimer: this is simply my opinion and even though I prefer natural remedies, you should seek your own professional advice for your ailments and issues, making your own decision about natural remedies.
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