Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fleece sleeping bag

My daughter regularly kicks all her blankets off at night. This is a big problem, because I do not want a heater on all night, as she will always kick her blankets off then. If there is no heater on, the room is freezing and when she has no blankets on she gets cold. Then she wakes up in the middle of the night, a little ice-block. As such, I have made this polar fleece sleeping bag for her.

Polar fleece sleeping bags are so easy, yet they keep you so warm. Eliminating the need for electric blankets. They are great on beds, but equally good for sitting on the lounge. Snuggle up in one whilst watching TV, before going to bed, then just take it to bed with you. Your bed will be instantly warm, thanks to the sleeping bag.

To make one, all you need is some polar fleece, however long you'd like. Fold it in half and sew together, down one side and along the bottom. That's it!

One of the fantastic things about polar fleece is it doesn't need to be hemmed. Simply cut it and it wont fray. Even after being washed numerous times.

One great thing about this sleeping bag, is even if it's made in a kids size, once your done with it being a sleeping bag, you can unpick it and make it a throw rug for them, or turn it into a dressing gown, or make some polar fleece slippers, virtually anything. You haven't cut it into any particular shape, so the choice is your as to what it can be turned into.

Rather than making the strip of polar fleece into a sleeping bag, you could simply use it as a blanket, one you haven't had to hem or sew in any way. But, I like the sleeping bag, because it wraps around me.

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