Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Nail art design

Nail art takes a little bit of practice. It is done with very small brushes, not your normal nail polish brush. You can try using a tooth pick for some designs. I find the easiest thing is using proper nail art polish, that comes with the right sized brush.

Choose 3 colours. Using one colour do a horseshoe shape like this picture.
Next do a little oval with a point in a different colour.

Then finish with a larger horseshoe and a line up the middle.
You can make this design as small or as large as you like. It can take up a little or all of the nail. You can do it on one nail, like the thumb or pinky of each hand or all of your nails.
Once the "art" is dry, remember to do a layer of top coat to seal and get it to last longer.

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