Thursday, June 11, 2009

One lonely sausage

How often do you find you have just 1 or 2 sausages left from dinner? Normally you would just eat them for lunch the next day right? Well, instead here are a few ideas of how you could turn that sausage into a meal.

1.) Sausage Pizza - Make a pizza base, put some sauce, onion, cheese, thinly slice the sausage, add anything else you like, such as capsicum, garlic, tomato, pineapple etc... and bake in the oven.

2.) Fried Rice - Use the sausage in fried rice instead of bacon

3.) Sausage vegetable pie - thinly slice the sausage, make up some gravy, add some vegetables, such as carrot, peas, corn, place it all in pastry, bake.

4.) Sausage risotto - With arborio rice, onion, mushrooms, thinly sliced sausage and any other vegetables, this is yum.

5.) Spaghetti - chop the sausage into little pieces, grate some carrot, zucchini, dice some onion, mushrooms, fry it all together, add some tomato pasta sauce. Cook some spaghetti and mix the sauce mixture through. Serve with grated cheese.

6.) Sausage and baked beans - Cook some baked beans, thinly slice the sausage. Stir it through, with some grated cheese. Serve on toast. You can add a fried egg too.

7.) Sausage omelette - Whisk some eggs, with milk and any other fillings you'd like, onion, cheese etc... and the sausage chopped up. Fry. Makes a great breakfast.

It's amazing what you can think of when you look for ways to extend those little leftovers into new meals. Stay tuned, because I will have more posts on leftover ideas!

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  1. I have seriously got so much to learn from u lol :)