Friday, June 26, 2009


Traveling and site seeing does not have to be expensive. There are many things you can do to cut costs.

1.) Book cheap flights. Sign up to various travel sites and they will email you when air fares are on sale, or there are special deals on.

2.) Use frequent flyer and reward programs. Some like Velocity from Virgin are free. It may take a while to accrue points, but every bit helps.

3.) Shop around. There are deals everywhere. Do your research. Don't just take the price online as the price you have to pay. Call the hotel, car company, whichever and you may get a bigger discount.

4.) Know what is included in your package and what is not. Some hotel rooms include breakfast, some get free champagne etc...

5.) Pack your own travel nibblies. Buying snacks and drinks from the supermarket, packing sandwiches or other food will save you considerably on overpriced aeroplane and service station food.

6.) Have a budget. Too many people buy extra things they didn't really need, purely because they are on holidays. Souveniers are nice, but do you really need more dust collecting items? Photo's are just as good.

7.) What can you do for free? Visit museums, go to beaches, mountains, bush walks, look-outs, glass works, art galleries, landmarks, water falls, historic buildings. Many places can be toured for free.

8.) Visit family and friends. Many will let you stay at their house. We do this for our friends and family and they do it for us. We traveled overseas for next to nothing thanks to friends and family. We've also had a few overseas visitors, which made us feel like we'd had a mini holiday, as they bought nibblies from home. We took milo and tim tams etc... when we visited, much to their delight.

10.) Don't eat out all the time. Tempting as it may be, things such as cheese sandwiches, banana rolls, ham rolls etc... are easy to prepare, but much cheaper than take-away.

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