Thursday, July 9, 2009

Craft mat

Officially this super handy mat is called a piecing mat and you can get it from

Currently I am using this mat to lay out my watermelon quilt, which I am making for my daughters.

I love this mat, because you can start a project and simply roll it up to finish later. When you roll it out the pieces stick to the mat and are exactly where you left them. Saving so much time, as you don't have to lay it all out again.

It's handy for sorting and storing all sorts of sewing projects, not just quilting.

The picture above shows it rolled out flat and all my quilting pieces on it.
Then, ta da.... You roll it up and store it where ever you want. It's got tabs to keep it rolled up too, so you wont accidently unroll and undo all the work you have done.
I only got this mat the other day and already love it. is a great site for all quilting. It has great tutorials, which is what I am using to do my quilt. They are so easy to follow and have great pictures, which I need!! (no, the sites not mine and no I am not making money from raving about it!!) Seriously, check it out!

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