Thursday, July 2, 2009

Getting craft projects organised

Recently I was given this storage container, normally used for shoes or tops in the wardrobe.
Immediately I thought of my craft projects. They are stashed all over the house, and I can never find the one thing I am looking for, which causes me great frustration.
So what I have done is sorted my projects into those that need to be finished soon and those that can wait. The ones that are being finished soon have been placed into their own little spot, hanging here in my wardrobe.
An added bonus to this sort of storage, is since I have to get dressed every day, I am staring my projects in the face. Meaning, I am constantly reminded I need to find time finish them.
The projects in here are a strawberry patterned apron for my niece, some cloth nappies in the plastic bag, a watermelon quilt/playmet for my daughters room, a dress for each of my daughters and a sleeping bag for my nephew (that one is just crammed in there and not visible.)
It has also taken the projects off the floor of my wardrobe, making the whole room look neater.
Also today I got something that is going to make my crafting easier and quicker. I will post once I have used it, and let you know where you can get one too!!

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