Sunday, July 19, 2009

Moving House

I have just moved house, AGAIN. This is the 4th house for my eldest daughter, and she is not even 2!! Why have we moved so much? Well...

The first move is a very long story, we still own that house, but just could not stand to live there any more (and not because of the house!)

We ended up closer to my family, in a hideous, way too small unit, where the toilet leaked onto the floor, there was a bullet hole in the window and the place looked like the last tenants had done a runner. It was horrendeous, BUT at least we had a home, for which I was grateful and the rent was cheap. Due to all the problems with it, we left as soon as we could.

The next house was no palace. Actually it was a 2 bedroom unit, but was bigger than the last unit. Only thing was it was on the market and has now sold. So we needed to move.

Thankfully the unit I had been longing for became vacant. It is a 1 bedroom that I first lived in when I moved out of home, years ago. 1 bedroom!!???!!! Am I crazy? Yes, and no.

This unit is stable. It is not going to be sold, the rent is good. It has floorboards, which is important as my husband is allergic to dust, so carpet is no good. It has lots of storage and is actually the same size, if not bigger as the 2 bedroom units we had been looking at.

It is in a nice area, with a great view and we have lots of friends here. There are downsides to it, but more advantages than disadvantages.

Some of the things I learnt when we moved were...

1.) I had way to many things and by off loading them, I made some money and didn't have to move so much.
2.) Using a trailer is hard work but SO much cheaper. We swapped cars with my sister, as ours can't tow a trailer, borrowed my parents trailer and did the move ourselves. It cost us $50 in petrol, compared to $500 for hiring a truck or thousands for removalists.
3.) I am stronger than I thought. My husband didn't think we could move everything, including our giant fridge down all the stairs, but with a bit of determination and a lot of communication we did it.
4.) The stair well in our old unit gets narrower as you go down. How did we discover this? We got stuck. Me against one wall, my husband against the other and the fridge between us. It must have been at least 1 foot smaller. Needless to say, it must have been quite a sight watching us wiggle around this fridge to get it out!! I ended up ripping my top and getting bruises. But I did it and I am super proud of that fact.
5.) I really should be more organised next time! I tend to leave things to the last minute, then spend ages looking for one thing I need, and typically it is not packed with all the other things like it. I end to throw everything into one box.

But I am all happy now, sorting out my new place.

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