Thursday, July 9, 2009

Present Box

This is my presents box. It isn't very big and at the moment does not contain a lot of presents. More present bags and gift wrap, because I have been trying to use up what was in there and not buy more until we move.
A lot of people I know have a present box, and it is quite handy, but many I know do it differently to me.
You see, I have a spread sheet on excel, which I use to determine who I need to get for, what I might get them, or if I already have something for them and when it is I need something. Then when I am shopping, if I see something that fits my criteria and will actually be given, I get it.
Most people I know buy things because they are reduced, on sale or cheap because they might be able to give them as a gift or it will come in handy for unexpected occasions. This is how I used to do it, quite a while ago. But I found I was spending money on presents I wasn't really using, or I would forget I had already bought something for so and so and would end up with 5 possible presents for 1 person and nothing for another and would end up dashing to the shops buying gifts anyway.
What I do find handy to have lots of on hand is gift bags, wrapping paper, cards and sticky tape. I keep all these in the present box, along with gifts I will use.
If you have children at school it might be handy to have a few age appropriate gifts on hand for those last minute birthday parties, but not too many.
Another good idea for presents is to have a list of things you can make to give. For example I have a list that is broken up into categories - Boys, Girls, Teen Boys, Teen Girls, Adult Males, Adult Females, Babies. I have under each category presents I can make for each group. So when something comes up, if I have the time I can look at my lists, work out what I have and if I have the time to make something.
I have found this especially handy at times when I have not budgeted for a particular occasion, which is rare. It is easy to read and as I have compiled the list myself, I know what I am capable of. Most people really appreciate home made gifts.

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