Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tupperware and other party plan

I love Tupperware. I used to sell it. I got what my family and I wanted on a discount and quit. I used to love party plan things. I have had different parties and gone to a ton. Problem is, now I have most things I want and am trying to save money.

When you go to these things there is always the pressure to buy or have a party. Obviously you could chose to not go at all. But a lot of the time it is a great opportunity to catch up with friends, or have a bit of child free time. If you are strong, you can just not buy. If not, stick to a budget.
A lot of people end up buying stuff they did not need or want by going to these parties, purely because they felt guilty. So here are some tips to help you.
1.) Set a limit and stick to it. You have a budget for a reason. Don't get caught up in the hype. If you only take cash and leave the cards at home, you have no choice!
2.) Check out the products online before you go. This will help you know what specials they have for the month, or if it is one you have not been to before, you can have a good look at the product. Not all the sites have prices on them, but it will give you an idea if you will use the product. You can write down what you are likely to use before hand.
3.) After checking online and writing down what you might like, put that list in your wallet. Often at parties people get caught up in it all, then forget what they had in mind to buy, this will help you remember.
4.) Think of gifts. If you don't need anything, but feel obligated to buy, think of what you could use as gifts (I have a few suggestions below).
5.) Simply say no. Remind yourself what it is you are saving for, so you don't get sucked into buying more. If the salesperson tries to get you to have a party and you don't want to , simply say no thank you. If she asks why or tries to give you excuses, just say, no thank you, I do not do parties. And keep repeating it for every question. It's their job to get you to have a party, and they have a million answers for everyone of your excuses, so if you repeat the same thing, they will have nothing to counter it with and move on.
6.) Be strong. Make it clear to the host that you wont be spending up big and if they are a good friend, they will help you stick to budget.
7.) Team up with someone and split it. A lot of thing come in sets, and since you might only want one, does any one else only want one? Do the order together and split the cost. Also a lot of parties are now charging a handling fee, so if it's is only 1 order, only 1 fee. If you are paying cash, you can team up with someone and save a few dollars. Or if they are paying cash you can put it all on your card, provided you remember to put the cash you go trom them straight onto your card.
8.) Do not buy the cheapest thing in the catalogue. Often it is not something you will ever use!
9.) The rewards are not that great. Generally you need to sell $400 to get $40. And a party booked from that party can be another 5%. But there is usually a minimum you need to sell before you get any rewards and that minimum is getting higher and higher. Also, you will almost always spend $50 on food and drinks for the party, so in actual fact, you are probably better off just spending the $50 on a product instead of a party.
Some ideas for gifts are...
Anything that comes in a set (like the clear mates in the picture) if divided make 2 great gifts. You can fill them with homemade cookies or truffles to make it more special. This is a useful and practical gift. In regards to Tupperware, they sell lots of sets, like fridge smarts, clear mates, go flex, rock and serves, so you will have plenty of options.
If there are particular items from a party you know smeone wants, but it's a bit out of your price range, why not see if someone else who buys for this person as well would like to split the costs? That way you have placed an order, and you are ready for a birthday or Christmas.
If you have a few kids to buy for , you can purchase the kids sets of bowls, snack cups and plates, then split them. This makes 4 great kids gifts, that a mum would love too!
Some party plans are now using a small product as a gift in the games, like essential oil, travel size shampoo, a lipstick etc... if you win any of these items, you can keep them aside for gifts.
Know who you need to buy a gift for. Then if you see something at the party that would suit, you can get it, without ending up with 6 gifts for Alice.

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