Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Australian Themed wedding

An Australian themed wedding is great, because you can get most things for next to nothing. Later I will show you Australian themed wedding invitations. In the picture above, I've done a centrepiece with the only cost being the candle. If you wanted you could add gold ribbon around it to pretty it up more. All I did was find some bark and gum leaves at the park. I think it's very effective.

Another great idea is putting the candle on a white platter and scattering gum nuts on the platter. Or you could scatter gum nuts on the table and not have a platter.

One brilliant thing about an Australian themed wedding is the place settings are free. Simply get a gum leaf and a gold pen and writing peoples name on it. Placed next above or on the plates.

Painting gum nuts gold will give an nice effect also. Sticks in a glass vase, either natural or painted is great also.

All I did was walk around our neighbor hood, and I found plenty of leaves and gum nuts, along with lots of native flowers. You could easily decorate any hall or church, make a bouquet for free. Lots of people have natives in their gardens and from my experience, people are more than happy to share.


  1. What an original theme and thrifty too. Well Done.

  2. Thanks, I don't know what made me think of it, but it works.