Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The cost of Babies

I was shopping recently and whilst in a baby store saw a list of "needs" for your baby. What a croc! The list was 2 pages and full of stuff I did not buy for my kids, and they are only 2 years old and 6 months, so it's not like I am out of touch.

I think the main needs for a baby are :

Somewhere to sleep such as a cot (plus matress and linen)

A pram or sling to get them around (Just like in the picture)

A car seat

Food - either breast milk or formula, in which case bottles will be needed too

Clothes, singlets, socks, booties, hats, all in one suits, etc... depends on when they are born

Blankets and wraps

A towel and some face washers, you don't need a baby towel, a nice soft one, which you probably already have is fine

Nappies and wipes

Possibly a dummy, depends on your views


There are so many ways you can set yourself up without spending thousands.

For my first daughter I did want to breastfeed, but she was not putting on any weigth and I was told to bottle feed. An expense I was not expecting, but formulas are all similar, so you don't need to buy the most expensive one.

When getting everything for her, I did not have a lot of money, but still managed to get everything I needed.

We got a cot for half price, $150, brand new. Before I fell pregnant I was offered a gorgous cot for $60, but since I was not yet pregnant I didn't take it. That cot was $750 new! Check second hand shops, not just baby ones, eBay, oztion, classifieds...

I bartered for a high chair, pram, car seat. I got given lots of clothes, a baby bath, wraps, the baby products (soap, shampoo etc...) face washers, and more. I was actually offered 3 prams!

I found once people knew I was pregant I got lots of offers for things. Take it all. I used pretty much everything I was offered and only politely declined things I already had.

I didn't have a baby shower (long story why), but still ended up with lots of things.

Alot of things are best left until after you have your baby, as you don't know how big they will be. My daughters were both 0000, one of my nephews 00000, another nephew was pretty much 00 at birth. So there are significant differences. Babies grow so quick, it does not matter if what they are wearing is too big, they fit it soon.

It really is amazing what you will be given, what you can find cheaply, and how much you can save.

Remember wooden items can be sanded back and painted white or varnished. And most things looks better when cleaned properly.

I'll give a more comprehensive list later of ways to save money on babies.

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