Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Free exercise

I went to the gym this morning. I am not a member, I had a free pass for a week, so thought I'd use it. What an interesting experience it was. I just did some gentle exercise and weights, nothing too strenuous as I hurt my back recently.

I did get to have a good chat with one of the trainers there about my back and what would be good for it. They actually have a back class tomorrow, which I will be going to. She showed me some simple exercises, that if done for 5 minutes every day will really strengthen my back. Her advice "Go to the back class, copy the exercises, write them down, then do them every day. Do that with walking and watch what you eat." So really, no need to join.

But it got me thinking, it is about $20 a week to be a member of most gyms, so roughly $1,000 a year. There are plenty of things I can think of doing with $1,000.

Whilst at the gym I watched people to see what they did. Do you know what most people did? The treadmill, the bikes then weights.

All those things could be done at home for FREE!!

Go outside for a walk, or if you really prefer a treadmill, buy one, they are way less then $1,000.

Ride a bike. Same thing, either outside or have an exercie bike at home, either way, DO IT!!

Weights, get online, look up some weights exercises, get some weights and do some exercises. Things such as push-ups are great exercises for resistance training, building muscle and you don't need any equipment.

Get free gym passes. If you go online, most gyms have free passes you can print off and use. They range from 3 days to 2 weeks. Print them off and use all the ones in your area. You get to go to a gym, get in the habit of exercising, professional advice and it's free. Just make sure you don't fall for the hard sell and join!

Dvd's. You can borrow from friends, go to the library, buy them online, garage sales, wherever. They can break up your routine and give you something new to do, giving new motivation.

Go with a friend. Running, jogging, walking, riding, swimming. All of these are free (although if you are not near a beach or river, swimming is not free) and even more fun with a friend.

Skipping with a rope burns energy fast.

Play on the play ground with your kids. They will love it and it is great exercise for you.

Play any sport on an oval, soccer, football, cricket, whatever. Get a ball and go for it with friends.

Really, there is no end to the possibilities of free exercise. Watching what you eat and getting regular exercise will ensure you are fit and healthy.

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