Sunday, August 23, 2009

Making money

For a while now I have been doing various things to earn money whilst staying at home. A lot of them are not big money makers, but as I sat down today and worked out how much I have made over the year, I was quite surprised. So I thought I would share with you all what I have been doing and a few things I plan on starting.

1.) I sell on eBay. I have been having problems with buyers lately, but in the last few months alone, I have made close to $800 selling unwanted items, such as old Sega and Nintendo games, baby clothes, Tupperware I don't want etc...

2.) I sell books on fishpond. I have made $150 this year by buying books for cheap and listing them here. It is easier to list than anywhere else, but watch it. It takes upto 14 days for your money and I have had to chase them for it once. But all in all it is an easy process.

3.) I did do Tupperware, but party plan is not for everyone.

4.) I do a few hair cuts and colours here and there. I am a qualified hairdresser, so that is an advantage most do not have, but looking at your own skills, I am sure there is something you will find.

5.) I have made and sold cloth nappies. Just a few sets, but they were worth about $200.

6.) Helping others with their businesses. Rather than being employed by anyone, I have helped people for a day here and there when they have needed it. I get a bit of cash in hand and they have assistance with no employee attatchments.

7.) I will be making things to sell at markets. You can also make and sell things on etsy. I'll be doing mainly aprons, but there's lots of things you could make.

8.) I have done catalogue runs. It's not great money, but we averaged $70 - $100 a week and to do the actual run on ly took 1 hour.

9.) Baby sitting. I used to do this, and am considering doing more of this.

10.) I do surveys for cash online. These don't pay huge amounts, but every little bit counts.

11.) I have done mystery shopping. Getting paid to do my usual banking or buy my milk is great.

This is mostly what I think I will be sticking too, but I will post more ideas later.

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