Saturday, August 1, 2009

Party Bag

This is something I have started to do. I now keep all plastic cups, plates, napkins, plastic platters, the happy birthday sign etc... anything related to a party in one easy to find bag.

I used to keep these items in various cupboards and drawers, then I would never find the thing I was looking for, and would end up wasting more money on more plastic cups or whatever, when if I had been organised, I would've had no trouble finding them.

I like the bright striped bag because it is a fun design and easy to spot. I used to keep them in a cardboard box once upon a time, but even though it was labelled, I'd get frustrated trying to find it, as it looked the same as all the other items I was storing.

Another reason I like it as a bag is because I can grab it and go. For example, my niece had her birthday recently. I was talking to my sister in law about it, and she told me she was going to get some pink table cloths. Now I knew I had some in my "party bag." All I had to do was grab before I went over and not have to search anywhere. It's perfect for BBQ's too.

It also helps when you see things on special. Plastic forks, plates, etc... You can buy them and store them altoogether. Saving money in the long run.

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