Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Save money making your own baby food!

Recently I went to go buy some baby food for my daughter. When I got to the isle and saw how little the tin was and the price, I did some calculations. The tins are only $1, but they are also only 120g. The first foods are normally things like pureed pear, pumpkin, apple etc... Cheap fruit and vegetables. When I thought about this I came to a realisation. By buying tinned baby food, I am paying $8kg for apples, pears, pumpkin etc... food I can normally pick up for $1 - $2 a kilo!

I decided on the spot to do everything I can to avoid buying ready made food for my daughter. The $1 a tin is when it is on special. Plus once kids get a bit older, the jars are a bit bigger, but a lot more expensive.

Some easy foods are just apples, pears, pumpkin, sweet potato, potato, beans, etc... just cooked and pureed or mashed til smooth. You can do this whilst cooking dinner for everyone and if you do a bit at once and freeze it, you will always have baby food on hand.

You can store it in so many ways. Old baby food jars, if you don't have some, ask around for some. Ice-cube trays are great. You can freeze in the trays, then pop out 4 cubes and store them in pastic bags in the freezer as well, so the trays are always free for more food. Little snack cups and containers are great too. Or plstic bags, Ziploc ones I find are the best.

I worked out that about 3 - 4 tablespoons is about how much goes in a baby food jar. So little containers normally do not need to be full to the brim. Measuring as you are filling containers means less wastage.

As the baby grows you can add things like oats, mince, slow cooked meat is great because it is so soft. Use your own judgement.

I nearly went and bought some jars as we are visitng family 3 hours away from our house. Instead, I cooked and froze some food. I counted out how many I would need, then popped them in the freezer as soon as we got here. They had not defrosted, so were fine. I just get out how many I need for the next day the night before. It is no harder than opening a tin.

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