Monday, August 3, 2009

Saving money on kids food

I am so amazed at how much snack and junk food for kids is. The marketing that goes into making you and your kids think you need it is unvelieveable.

Recently my husband bought some fruit snacks, you know the diced and pureed fruit ones. They were on "special". So he bought a few and my daughter loves them. When I looked at the price I was quite shocked. It is so much cheaper to buy tins of fruit and split it into little containers than to buy those snack size ones.

Kids lunches dont need heaps and heaps of the snacky foods in them. It is quite unhealthy and very expensive. So I thought I'd give you a few ideas for cheaper lunch snacks. These aren't just for school aged kids. They are great to have on hand for toddlers, so you dont end up buying unhealthy over priced junk food at the shops.

- decant fruit into smaller containers
- make custard or jelly in snack sized cups
- make your own cookies
- pikelets
- scones
- vegetable sticks with hummus
- crackers
- air popped pop corn in bags. This is really easy to do in a microwave. Put a few unpoped kernels into a paper bag. Fold closed and pop in the microwave. How long will depend on how much you use. Only do it for 1 min or so at a time and watch it.

These are all easy to take and have on hand and will help you save money on kids snacks.

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