Saturday, August 1, 2009

Beach Centrepieces

Weddings tend to be very expensive. We all want our big day to be perfect and it's easy to be swayed by magazines and professionals into getting the "best" (interpretation = most expensive!)
So here are some ideas for centrepieces for a beach wedding

1.) Shells in a vase - A glass vase can be bought for under $5, you can get them at $2 type shops, second hand shops etc... The seashells can be found at the beach or in bags in the $2 stores or if you look in second hand stores, you will often find sea shell windchimes or necklaces that would be great to use, and usually only $2. If you can only get a few shells, you can use sand or river rocks too.
2.) A white platter with a candle and seashells. You can usually pick up platters for under $5. Or you could use a plate from a dinner set, square, around, any shape works. Candles are cheap, usually $2 - $3, and the seashells, as mentioned above.
If you have a colur theme you could wrap some ribbon around the candle to make it extra special.

3.) A platter with seashells and frangipani candles. The candles were $2 for a packet of 4 at a $2 shop. If they are in season and grow well near you, you may be able to get some real frangipani's for free from someone's garden (Ask them, don't just steal them!)

4.) Scattered seashells. Sometimes in second hand stores you can find bigger seashells. If you are not getting married for a while, you could regularly pop in and see, then just get them when they are there. Alternatively you may know someone with a great collection who is willing to lend to you. That can be a little risky as guest tend to help themselves to things on the table... (Well, I know of a few weddings this has happened at.)

5.) Clam shell with seashells. I often see clam shells in the second hand store, making this probably the cheapest centrepiece I've listed here.

When thinking beach, think tropical plants, like Bird of Paradise, Frangipani, Lilies, etc... But also think driftwood, sea shells, any of these scattered on the tables will look lovely.

A glass bowl with pebbles or shells on the bottom, filled with water and candles or flowers floating on top...
A collection of driftwood, with a few sea shells, a candle and some frangipani will cost vitually nothing, yet look very effective.
A leaf from a tropical plant with river rocks and sea shells...
Instead of table runners, use palm leaves...
There is a lot you can do to make a room look really effective without spending the big bucks!

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