Friday, September 25, 2009

Camera, toys, books

Can you believe it? My camera broke. I am so disappointed. We are hoping it is something we will be able to get fixed under warranty. I do not even know what happened. I picked it up to take a picture today, and it would not open. It comes on, but says system error and the shutter wont open. So frustrating.

On a better note, I got something I have wanted for a long time today. It is going to sound so stupid, as it is something so basic and little, and I don’t even know what its proper name is. You know those wooden bead maze things? It’s a piece of wood with wire twisted all over and beads on the wire, so kids can push the beads around from one end of the wire to the other? If my camera worked I could show you!

Anyways, they were $20 (including postage) for a used one on eBay. $20 for the sort I got in Kmart, $30 for the super cute pink, white and green one in Kmart. (I wont pay $10 extra for pretty paint, that’s stupid.) I saw one at the op shop today for... drum roll please.... $2! That’s right, $2! 10% of every other price I have ever seen for these.

I saved money today by going to the library too. Now, last time I went, I was severely disappointed, as they did not have the books I wanted, out of something like 6 libraries that are linked, they did not have 1 copy! Today, I went in and found some of the books I have been wanting, so instead of buying, I was able to borrow them and see what they are like.

You see, I love books and magazines. But especially books. So really, I should be at my library more, but I usually buy the book instead, and try to resist the magazines. The magazines I like are financial, so it’s not all bad. But books are my weakness. I try to be good and only buy on sale or second hand, but still, I’d hate to think how much money I have spent on books this year.

Some of them have been really worth it though, and others that I have bought and not enjoyed so much I have been able to resell, usually for more than I paid. I have also found that even after postage and the exchange rate; the books I like are usually cheaper coming from overseas than being bought in Australia. It is cheaper for some books to be shipped here than from parts of my own country! Yes, postage here is very expensive.

Most of the books are on saving money or cooking that I have bought recently. Maybe instead of buying the books, I should just save my money? Well, they are my sanity, so I don’t see me giving up my 1 little guilty pleasure.


  1. I completely agree with book obsession! I became a born-again Library convert about 4 months ago after a friend of mine told me about how many childrens shows you can find in the local libraries, and how you can even request an item to be found for you. Well, needless to say that I have also become a romancer of the cooking, crafting and home organisation shelves because those books are my self-help gurus! I have a recipe journal that I sit with at night before I have to take any cookbooks back and copy down any that I want to keep. MUCH cheaper than a $30 plus book from a shop that will only realistically have a half dozen things I'll try!

    Have fun with your day, hope the kids are enjoying that wirey twisty thing with beads (my son has one too, but for the life of me I don't know what they are called either!)...

  2. So glad I'm not the only one who doesn't know what they're callled!

    We are going to go to the library every week now. Love the journal idea.