Friday, September 18, 2009

I just love a bargain

Check it out. Would you believe that I got all of this for $60. There was more, but I bought it for someone else. The total here is worth almost $170! Who pays these prices, seriously? I rarely buy namebrand things, but these were to good to miss.

It was at a warehouse type store, whose normal prices aren't anythign to rave about, but when they are clearing stuff, we often get a bargain! Not everything in this picture was bought on clearance, but it was still cheaper than the shops.

I got...
2 large garden pots, Yates brand, there original reduced orice was $6.60, I got them for $1. I don't know their real price.
1 bag of lollypops, 200g, $0.77
5 packets of Arnotts Vita-weat snacks my daughter loves, 50c a box
3 x 1 kg jards crushed chilli, normally almost $9, instead 50c each
10 bottles of Duck toilet cleaner about $3.50 normally, 50c each (are you noticing a trend?)
2 jars Kraft crunchy peanut butter, normally about $4, again 50c each
4 packets of sprinkles, RRP $2, ours 50c each
1 packet Tim Tams, $2.20 normally, $1.79 instead
1 packet choc buds, which I will use for cooking, under $7, normally a 300g packet is $3.50 or more!
1 box of 36 Soothers, whcih my husband just goes through for $10 less than RRP!

I also got for my mum, 6 boxes of 280g Kellogs Cornflakes for 50c a box and 9 800g dark fruit cakes. She was very excited.

I had a full trolley and it hardly cost me. Unbelieveable.

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  1. I love those vita wheat snacks too - wish I could find them for 50cents

    Looks like lots of good bargins there!