Saturday, October 24, 2009

Grocery challenge update

So far I am doing well on my challenge. I have been quiet lucky with some things too. I got a tin of formula for my baby free this week, so I am now covered for the rest of the fortnight for formula. We got invited to dinner last night and Tuesday night was my sister in laws birthday, which was a BBQ at a park.

I have bought cereal, 1 tin of formula, some fruit and veg, milk and have $35 left of my $100.

We have run out of store bread now, so I am making a loaf, using a friends’ recipe that is healthier and much more filling. I’m also about to make a lasagne with the 500g mince we have, but I am going to make it go further with kidney beans and vegetables. I usually get 2 lasagnes when I do it this way and my husband actually likes it! I’ll post the recipe when I have done it. I tend to make it up as I go along, so it’s not a hard and fast recipe.

I am also going to make chicken and mushroom quiche, (I usually get 2 meals from it), beef slow cooker casserole, lemon chicken, Turkish bread pizza’s and vegetable fried rice. I have some easy meals such as baked beans on toast, chickpea curry, tomato soup, dhal, grilled cheese etc...

Actually, looking at what I have, I might even be able to extend this challenge! But I will see how I go.

A few things I have found especially useful, is portion sizes and drinking more water. When I drink the amount of water I should a day, I am not as hungry on those days. If I don’t drink enough I get peckish in the evening. I know our portion sizes are generally out of control. If you read up on how much of things you should eat, it is quite shocking to realise that we usually eat more than double what we should.

A proper breakfast is a must too. I am trying to be really conscience of what I eat and now that I eat a proper breakfast, I have more energy and don’t crave sugary or junky food. This challenge has been really great for our family so far.

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