Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It’s amazing how many skills from older generations have gone. We have let them slip through our fingers by not talking to our ancestors and learning from them. In some cases it couldn’t be helped, but essentially I think current generations and future ones need to look up to our grandparents and ask them to teach us what they know.

In my family there are quite a few things that have been lost forever. My mother died when I was 15, along with most of her recipes, her talent for craft, sewing, art, well anything she turned her hand to. I learnt a few things from her; she taught me basic sewing skills. I learn some of her recipes and we had some put in a book, but there is so much more I would have liked to learn from her.

My mother used to preserve everything, make jams, bake bread, all of that. I wish I knew how she did it. I am blundering my way through various recipes and trying to get it, but oh, how I wish I had learnt from my mum.

I do not know how to knit either. My Gran could, in fact I have a lovely throw rug she did. I remember as a child watching her knit it. I remember a jumper she knitted me and it was my absolute favourite in the whole world. Unfortunately, Gran passed away when I was in year 4, so I did not get to learn off her. My other Nan can crochet I think, but she lives in a different state to me. As such, I have decided that when my Oma (my step mothers mum) gets back from her holiday, I would like her to teach me.

Why not get a book or learn online? Because it would be so much more special to be taught by her. It would be time just the 2 of us have together and I am sure I can learn a lot her about other things as well, since she has lived a very interesting and hard life.

There are so many skills older generations could teach us and it doesn’t just have to be about cooking or sewing. My Oma lived in Austria as a child, and lived through hell thanks to the war. She has told me some stories, but I could learn so much more. My land lady migrated here years ago and I have learnt many things from her.

We take things for granted and often don’t realise until it’s too late. Take the hand of the older generation and walk with them. Let them teach you, or else, one day we will live in a world void of so many skills and so much knowledge.

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