Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Setting little reminders

I live in a 1 bedroom unit, which I can never seem to keep tidy. Part of that probably comes from my 2 dd’s destroying everything as I go, part of it is not having enough room and part of it is sheer laziness.

Last week I sat down and wrote the big things I think need to be done each week, the bathroom, the floors, the beds and have put a reminder in my phone for one job on a different day of the week. On the other days I will do the clothes. I do usually get to these things, but not always every week like I think it should be done.

It’s amazing how much easier house cleaning seems when it is broken into small portions and done on different days instead of 1 big job, 1 day a week. I used to do it this way and I think that might be why I never really felt like doing it, it was such a big task.

Those of you who have been following me know I have been de-cluttering, but there is only so much stuff I can get rid of with a family of 4. I have been looking at storage solutions and I think over the next week, everything should be done and I will feel more organized. I’ll post the pictures once I have implemented my ideas.

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