Monday, November 2, 2009

Amazing how when we set plans for ourselves little things always seem to get in the way! This week I will only be able to see my PT twice, but see the hill in this pic? I am going to walk up it at least 3 times. It took me just under an hour to walk from my house to the top, call my family, wave (as requested) and walk back home. It is quite a nice walk, as we back onto a reserve, so it is very quiet and private.

I write to do lists and even thought things don’t always go as planned it is good to have some direction. My list this week is quite involved, but I feel confident I can get it done if I really try hard. Today has been hopeless because my baby is sick, but tomorrow is a new day and hopefully I will get more done!

Lots of the things for this week are things I have been planning to do for ages and just never seem to get around to it. Tomorrow my 2 year old is being taken care of for the day, so I plan on getting a lot done.

Tomorrow I will be focusing on sewing and finishing projects around our little unit.

Wednesday my husband has the day off, as well as Thursday, so I am hoping I can get a lot done then. I’d really love it if he took our girls out to the park for a while, but am not holding my breath.

My house is trashed today, which I will be able to fix tonight when my husband gets home. I have had to carry my baby all the time today, making it hard to do anything and my daughter has delighted in trashing everything. I must say though, that since doing a lot of de-cluttering, it is not as bad as it used to be.

Other things on my list are finish my book, get some Christmas things out of the way and work out what I will need in regards to food and anything that I could possibly need to go to the shops for over Dec/Jan, so I can organise myself and get most of it at the end of this month. I have a few things I will have to go to the shops for, but other than those, I do not want to go.

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