Monday, November 23, 2009

Beaded Angels

This beaded angel is so cute. I love them. They are not as easy to make as other things I have shown, but they are just beads, pipecleaners and glue.

You will need
5 x 15 cm thin white pipecleaners
1 large frosted bead, 14mm (for the head)
2 medium frosted beads, 6mm (for the hands)
1 large octagonal round type bead, 13 x 10mm (for the body)
9 - 11 medium octagonal round type beads, 6mm
44 – 48 small octagonal round type beads, 4mm
5 large star type beads, 25mm
5 medium star type beads, 18mm
7 small star type beads, 10mm

These are the beads you will need for each part of the skirt. They will be placed in the order starting with the small octagonal bead, then the medium bead, star beads etc... I found it easiest to lay them out so I could just pick them up in order as needed.

Firstly thread the pipecleaners through the large hexagonal bead, leaving 1 3/4 inch (4.5cm) out on one side. Spread the pipecleaners out, as shown in the picture to create the skirt, which you will thread the beads on.

Before putting the last small bead on each piepcleaner, place a small amount of glue at the base of the large star, to help the small bead stick. If there is any piepcleaner sticking out after you have threaded the beads on, trim it with the pliers.

I like to leave the glue to set as it makes the next steps easier.

Next, space out the long pieces of pipecleaner and place the large frosted round bead on one for the angels head.

Leaving a small space, thread on 8 small hexagonal beads on above the head. Twist it to form a circle and wrap some of the excess pipecleaner around itself to secure it in place. Trim off the excess pipecleaner with the pliers.

On one of the other long pieces of pipecleaner thread 12 small octagonal beads. Twist it to form an oval and wrap some of the pipecleaner back on itself to secure it. If you wish you can thread 2 small octagonal beads and one medium on the excess pipecleaner, with a little bit of glue to secure or you can simply trim the excess. This is one wing. Repeat this with another pipecleaner to create the second wing.

I tried to show you the wing "excess" in the picture above, but I'm not sure if it's easy to understand what I mean.

These are the beads you will need for each arm, in the right order.

Starting with the medium octagonal beads and ending with the medium frosted beads, thread the beads to create the arms on the 2 remaining pipecleaners. Use glue to secure the frosted beads and trim the excess of the pipecleaners.

And you're done! You can either sit them on your tree or around the house, use them as table decorations or thread a bit of string near the halo to hang them.

They look so beautiful near the lights, glistening.

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