Saturday, November 28, 2009

Blue and Silver Christmas Wreath

I am not keeping up with my 25 days of Christmas, but here is the next thing. Since I am aiming for a silver and blue Christmas this year, I decided to make a wreath.

I collected pine cones from a local park. I already had a small wooden ring, silver paint and had bought some blue and silver Christmas ribbon the other week for $1.50.

All I had to do was paint the pine cones and leave them to dry.
Once they were dry I glued them to the ring.
Once the glue was dry I wrapped the ribbon around and that was it.

It now sits just inside my doorway (we have glass sliding doors, so can’t hang on the front door). I love it to bits. It is the sort of wreath i have wanted for ages and cost me next to nothing!

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