Friday, November 6, 2009

Cheap clothing!

Check it out. Ok, so I was not going to buy any clothes this year, but I had a voucher. See all these clothes? You wont believe what we got them for!
First I’ll tell you what’s here...
1 chunky knit jumper (for me) RRP $49.95
1 black cross over style top (for me) RRP $29.95
1 pr Riders by Lee jeans, like new (for me) RRP $119.95
1 Just Jeans Jacket like new (for me) RRP $39.95
1 black shirt sleeved top (for me) RRP $39.95
1 Grey Knit (for me) RRP $49.95
2 size 3 all in one winter pj’s for our daughters RRP $24.95
1 size 6 pj’s, RRP $29.95
3 shirts for my husband RRP $24.95 each
So a total retail value of $484.40!!! Wow, I think I would feel sick if I ever paid that much for 12 items!

What did we get them for? $34.50! That’s right. The original price was $69, but we had a voucher for ½ price clothing, for up to 10 items and 3 of the items we wanted were ½ price, so the voucher only applied to the others, but it meant we got everything ½ price! And to think we nearly didn’t go today.

We also got 2 pairs of thongs (flip flops/jandals whatever you want to call them) for my husband yesterday for $20. It was a 2 for 1 sale and they have sneakers 2 for 1 until the end of November. We both need new sneakers, so he will be getting a pair for his birthday and me for Christmas and it will only be the price of 1 pair.

I have had a money tin this year, which I have been putting my coins in and I decided some of it would be used for new clothes for all of us. I counted it the other night and I have $600, which I think is pretty good.

I have written a list of what I think I need, how much I think I could get it for with some items second hand, some new etc... It totalled over $400! I don’t want to spend that. I have been reviewing my list and will let you know. I want a more classic wardrobe, not a mismatched one that I seem to always have.

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