Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Bon Bons

Christmas bon bons are loved by all and are so easy to make. We always made them without the “snap” in the middle, which sometimes can be less satisfying, but they are still fun.

All you need is a toilet roll, wrapping paper or crepe paper, tape, ribbon and whatever you would like to put inside. Lollies, small toys, a joke etc...

Then it is simply a matter of wrapping the paper around the toilet roll and securing it with tape.

Tie one end with ribbon. Place the “goodies” inside. Tie the other end with ribbon and you’re done.

You can put gender specific treats, such as ear rings, inside and use pink and blue wrap to distinguish.
You could use any wrap to match your colour scheme.
I saw bon bons using music sheets as the paper and red ribbon to tie them. They looked super cute, but did not have such a cute price tag. It would be easy enough to print off some music paper or get some cheap from a second hand shop.

Kids love them and this is a craft that is easy enough for kids to make!

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