Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fabric bargains

The other day I was at my local fabric store pricing fabrics to recover my lounge in. I love my lounge to bits. It is super old, the fabric is stained and ripped, survived a house fire and is the comfiest thing ever. It is ridiculously big for the last few places I have lived in, but will be perfect once we have our own place. It is a 5 seater modular that my parents bought before 1997. I can’t remember how long before, I just know it was before, because of where we lived.

I know it was expensive for them at the time and I remember being so excited about it. Many years on, it has served the family well. A few years ago my parents jokingly offered it to me and I grabbed. They thought I was insane, but I love it and have never found one as comfortable as this one.

As I was looking at and pricing fabrics, I realised it was going to cost me about $400 to recover it in a fabric I really liked. I could do it cheaper in a fabric I was not so fond of but considering I will be looking at it every day for some time, that is not a good idea. I did not want to pay that much to recover it at this stage. I have young children who are going to ruin it anyway, so may as well just keep the throw rugs on it to cover the rips.

Then I turned the corner and saw it. It was breath taking. It was 3 tables of fabric on SALE! And what mark downs there were! I got a roll of fabric which will be enough to cover my lounge for under $50. This is it

Now, it was not my first choice of fabrics, but considering how cheap it is, the colour and pattern will help hide imperfections a little and being light it will make our place look larger, I had to have it. A saving of $350 is HUGE!

Also on this table was my little fabric miracle. Now this probably seems insane or obsessive, but I cannot tell you how excited I was to see this

Yeah, I know not everyone loves it, but I do. I have wanted this fabric for months, since it was $25m. Originally I saw it as a bedspread in a shop for $250, plus $33 for each pillow case plus $55 for the European pillow cases (which I was not going to buy); a throw I liked on it was another $150 plus $30 - $50each for some scatter cushions I liked. Hmmm, for some reason I could not justify spending that much on my bedspread.

I saw the fabric in the store for $25m, cheaper, but I still did not want to pay that much. Stingy, I know.
When I was there 2 days ago and this fabric was on the table I grabbed it. I am pretty sure had anyone been looking at it, I’d’ve pushed them aside! I got metres of it for $6m! YES! That is a price I will pay.
I got this one as well

Also for $6m so I think I did really well.

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