Friday, January 1, 2010

2 of my storage solutions

I have mentioned before that I am living in a 1 bedroom unit. As such I have had to get a bit creative with some storage in my place. I have lots of ideas I am going to implement; I just never seem to have the time.

To start with though I made these

They hold my utensils. They are formula tins wrapped with paper and nailed to the side of my pantry. My pantry is an old stand alone cupboard, so I have no qualms about bashing in as many nails as I like to hold things. In fat I will be doing more of this for other things, such as packets e.g. taco seasoning, yoghurt mix, French onion soup etc...

By putting my utensils in these I freed up a kitchen drawer. In that kitchen drawer I put my cook books leaving room on my bookshelf to store all the books I am selling online, making my life easier.

Another thing I did was make this over the door storage thing. I have seen these, smaller ones, with fewer pockets for around $35 and you only get storage on one side. I measured up my wardrobe doors, cut up some old calico curtains I had and sewed it altogether. I made one for each side of the door, sewed them together and looped them over the door. One side is for my 2 yr old, the other for my 10 month old. Each pocket has something different, e.g. undies, singlets, summer tops, winter tops, shorts, pants etc...

Doing this has freed up a tallboy in my wardrobe (we have a good sized walk in robe). Now the tall boy stores my linen, some games, bigger clothes for my girls and a few random things.

I have many more plans for creative storage in my place, so stay tuned as I do it all.


  1. I love that over the door storage hanger! what a great idea. I have sliding mirror doors or I'd be doing it for Ds in a heart beat.

  2. lol. Thanks. I was happy with how it turned out and super happy with the price - FREE! lol.