Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The last tree decorations

This is a little felt mouse in a stocking. My mum taught me to do these when I was a kid. All you need is some felt, lace, beads, ribbon, cotton and needle.

You cut some felt into 2 stockings and sew the together. Stitch the ribbon on in a loop so you can hang it up.

To make the mouse you cut 2 jelly bean shaped pieces of felt and sew them together. Sew on to semi circles for the ears, beads for the eyes, then make cotton whiskers and a nose. Then pop the mouse in the stocking.
You can add lace to the stocking to make it prettier.

Another decoration you can make with felt is these Christmas trees.

Another great tree decoration is a Christmas cross stitch. You can either put it in a little frame like this one or use old curtain rings to frame and hang them. Cross stitches are time consuming but I really like them.

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