Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Table decorated red and silver

On the weekend my mother in law had a church Christmas party which had a table decorating competition. The table above is hers.

She made everything, the tablecloths, table runner, napkins, the tree and biscuits, napkin rings, glass decorations etc...

To make the silver tree she collected some branches that had fallen off a tree and sprayed them with silver paint. I couldn’t get a good pic of it because people came to quick, sorry.

She made star, heart and Christmas tree biscuits. They were pierced with a skewer to make a hole before they were cooked. After they were cooked and cooled, they were iced and had silver curling ribbon threaded through the hole to hang on the tree.

Along with the biscuits we hung silver ornaments.

On this glass

And wrapped around this napkin is a cheap bead string. The string had wired wrapped around it to make it easy to place on the glass and wrap around a napkin for a ring. This is so easy and cheap to do, yet looks very good.

Also on the table is hurricane vases filled with balls. I love that look, which turned out to be very popular and was on every second table.

I was going to take pictures of the other tables, but in my opinion, the others weren’t picture worthy. We were shocked when my mother in law didn’t win, coz to me, tinsel on a table does not show effort! Yes, that is what one of the winning tables had.

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