Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The secret language of birthdays

Recently I read Secret Language of Birthdays and was astounded.

This is not an astrology book. It has every birthday but research was used to form the book. There is a bit of numerology and a tarot card for each birthday as well, but the basis of the book was done by researching people born on each day and finding out the common traits for each day.

My friend and I had been discussing the day before my views on family life, which I won’t share here, but the next day when I read my birthday, it said almost exactly I had said to my friend.

Also in the book it said I am a risk taker. I turned to me friend and said most people think I am, but I am fully comfortable with what I do and do not see things I want to do as risks, though often my husband and family do. Which, as I read on was EXACTLY what it said next. I don’t have the book with me so can’t give you word for word, but it was freaky.

I read it with my husband there and he was amazed and laughed at how accurate it was. I was comfortable with what it said about me, as I was already aware of my weaknesses that I need to work on. My husband on the other hand was not so happy with his birthday description. It was accurate, but he did not like confronting some of what it said.

This book is REALLY fascinating and can help you understand where others are coming from a bit better and has helped others I know in their relationships.


  1. Fascinating indeed, I was blown away last night when I first looked at my birthday. I must of looked up 10 people last night, and the book was right-on accurate.

  2. It's scary isn't it. I think coz it is done more with research not "the stars" it is more acurate. Of course there can be variables, but everyone I have done in this book has been right.