Saturday, January 30, 2010

101 things in 1001 days

Recently I heard of the concept of 101 things in 1001 days. Basically you write out 101 things you would like to do/accomplish in 1001 days. Tasks must be specific (i.e. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching to me.
My start date is 30th Jan 2010
My final day is 27th Oct 2012
I have been trying and trying to think of things and it is surprisingly hard. It took me a while but I got there. I tried to break it up into categories to make it easier to read.

So far I have completed 30

Health and Beauty
1.) Get to and maintain a size 10 – healthy and toned though, not just skinny
2.) Have a full day or weekend at a health retreat, massage, body wrap, that sort of thing
3.) Do a manicure and pedicure every month FAILED
4.) Get to be able to do 100 push-ups in 1 go
5.) Get to be able to do 100 crunches in 1 go
6.) Get my teeth fixed – whitened, wisdoms out
7.) Go for a walk 3 times a week of 20 minutes or more FAILED
8.) Keep a food diary for 1 month to see how much crap I eat DONE
9.) Do a proper 10 day detox 16/7/10 DONE
10.) Have no take-away at all for 1 month, even if we travel to Sydney

Self Improvement/Spiritual
11.) Read the Bible (Part way through it now)
12.) Donate Blood 02/08/2010
13.) Keep a gratitude diary and write in it at least weekly FAILED
14.) Donate to Kiva DONE
15.) Have a monthly inspirational quote to put up in the lounge room (Doing, and I will post all these quotes at the end)
16.) Have a TV free month DONE
17.) Give flowers to 5 people for no reason
18.) Do 101 hours of something for charity DONE
19.) List 101 things I like about myself DONE
20.) Donate $10 to charity for everything on my list I don’t complete (Started for the already failed ones, including those I have changed!)
21.) Write in my journal weekly FAILED I am blogging regularly though!

22.) Go on a family snow trip and make snow men DONE 23/08/2010
23.) Go on holidays to QLD - will be happening Nov 22nd 2010 - uh, not anymore!
24.) Create 5 family Christmas traditions
25.) Get a family pet, I’m thinking fish whilst we’re in the unit then
26.) Rescue a dog from a shelter when we have a house here
27.) Have a pretend emergency camp
28.) Family Christmas in July
29.) Read a book to my daughters every day FAILED
I decided I can read 1001 books in this time frame, so am switching to that.
30.) Get a family photo
31.) Have a fortnightly date with my husband FAILED We separated for a while
32.) Have a family activity every week FAILED changed to 143 family activities

33.) Buy a house here (We wont be buying a house to live in here anymore, but may buy something before my 101 days is up. We'll see)
34.) Develop a veg garden
35.) Grow fruit trees
36.) Get chickens
37.) Get Bees

Sydney House
38.) Renovate the kitchen
39.) Render the house
40.) Sand the floors
41.) Get new doors
42.) Clear the garage
43.) Finish the “odd jobs” that need doing

44.) Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge - Done 11th Sept 2010
45.) Have a MASSIVE Halloween party
46.) Eat at the Centre point Tower restaurant in Sydney (I don't like their menu and now I know I am gluten intolerant, I am a bit nervous about restaurants.)
47.) See a whale in real life in the wild, either by whale watching or in the Harbour or wherever
48.) Go camping 3 times
49.) Build a large sandcastle with my daughters
50.) Climb Mt Kosciusko
51.) Hold a How to host a murder party
52.) Go on a road trip with no specific destination
53.) Glass works Museum
54.) Picnic at Sunrise at a particular spot we have spoken about for 2 years
55.) Have a dinner guest every month FAILED
I decided I can have 33 dinner guests in this time. (9/33)

56.) Publish 2 books - 1 published, 26 Ingredients, came out Monday 15th March
57.) Do our my will DONE, now need to redo it!
58.) Get life insurance
59.) Have 200 followers on my blog Aspiring Millionaire
60.) Sell 1000 things, not including my book. 461/1000
61.) Host a small business expo
62.) Create a website DONE
63.) Save $1001 to spend on anything I like at the end of the 1001 days
64.) Buy shares DONE
65.) Blog every day for 1 month on Aspiring Millionaire (I won't be doing this as I won't be blogging on Sundays anymore.)

66.) Create a vision board DONE How to create a vision board
67.) Get an address book and put everyone I know in it DONE
68.) De-clutter completely and keep the house de-cluttered (Pretty much de-cluttered, now to keep it that way!)
69.) Finish the toy box DONE
70.) Finish the lounge storage DONE
71.) Ensure the entire house is clean before I go to bed every night for 1 month
72.) Keep the dining table clear of everything except what should be on there, like food or centrepiece for at least 1 month
73.) Write and stick to a cleaning schedule
74.) Be ready for Christmas this year by Dec 1st
75.) Clean out our fridge properly every 3 months (we have had it over 1 yr and I have NEVER cleaned it out properly and it NEEDS it!) I have been cleaning it now.

Cooking and Craft
76.) Try 50 new recipes Done
77.) Finish 10 craft projects I have started and left
78.) Learn to knit and knit a scarf
79.) Do Halia’s scrapbook (I don't like scrapbooking, so instead put all their photo's in an album each)
80.) Do Mele’s scrapbook
81.) Make lounge covers sort of did, had to throw out 1/2 the lounge
82.) Do project 365 – take 1 photo every day for a year
83.) Learn to make Austrian horseshoe biscuits from Oma

Things to Learn
84.) Basic service on our car
85.) Take at least 10 dance classes in some form of dance (5/10 done)
86.) Learn to talk Tongan enough to be able to hold a conversation with some of my husband’s family
87.) Learn sign language enough to do the same
88.) Learn 3 songs on the guitar (Almost got 1 song downpat)
89.) Learn 3 Polynesian dances
90.) Change a tyre all by myself. I know how to do it but have never had to do it myself.
91.) Learn to surf with one of those 1 day surf classes in Manly/Bondi wherever
92.) Learn 10 things so I take better photos
93.) Learn 10 things to improve my blogging DONE, now just implementing them
94.) Learn to shoot a gun properly

Things to Buy
95.) A nice outdoor setting, not a plastic one
96.) Get a bike
97.) Get my own basic tool kit
98.) Buy an expensive piece of clothing or shoes that I really want and not feel guilty about it DONE
99.) Buy a BRAND NEW fridge and Freezer when we have our own house DONE even though we don't have our own house.

2 random things
100.) Do 1 thing every month that pushes me out of my comfort zone FAILED
Changed to do 33 things that push me out of my comfort zone, I will list these separately.
101.) Visit somewhere in Australia I have never been

To view what I have done click here


  1. what a great idea, i'll have to work on my own list

  2. Thanks Melissa. I had heard of it a few years ago, but didn't think about doing it as I was prgnant and my life was too full, but recently I have been having a really stron desire to do things I always wanted to and what better way than this? lol.

    Good luck with your list.

  3. This is awesome. I think I'll have to give it a go. Some of my things will be just like yours - I want to learn sign language, I know a little but not enough to talk to anyone.

  4. Thanks.

    The sign language I really want to do as my husband has 2 deaf cousins and I would like to be able to talk to them better next time we see them. It is such a good skill to have!

  5. Question... What's a Vision Board?
    p.s. I'm otally copying this too... :)

  6. A vision board is a board with pictures etc... of things you want to do/achieve. Like if you wanted a cruise to Sth Pacific you'd get a travel brochure and cut out some pics.

    And copy away, lol.