Friday, January 15, 2010

My little place

I wanted to give everyone an idea of what my place is like since there is always interest in it. It is not always tidy. Actually, it is normally untidy. The sofa bed is usually out due to my husband working shift work. So my lounge room often looks like this

I am not a fan of doing the dishes. My husband and I have an agreement, I cook he does the dishes. They don’t always get done and somehow stuff just ends up all over the table and bench so our kitchen often looks like this

Our bathroom and laundry are combined and we have my craft cupboard, which as you can see below really needs sorting. I have all my hairdressing stuff in there as well.

It is surprisingly big and I am so glad about that.

I am in the process of resorting and organising our place. I guess I am “always” doing that, but I think I have worked out how I can do it with the best use of space now. It’s taken me a while, but I have a specific plan and I think it will be done faster and smoother than when I have tried to organise before. I’ll post before and after pictures as I do things.

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