Thursday, January 7, 2010

Utilising Space

Are you using all the space available to you? There are many ways in which space can be utilised even if you are renting.

1.) Go up not out with furniture. In any small unit there is not a lot of floor space, but if your bookshelves are tall instead of wide, you can store just as many books, but have more floor space.
2.) Use under and on top of furniture. Do you have space under beds, cots, is there a gap under the lounge? On top of the fridge if organised is useful. Look everywhere. We have a large box with all our important papers stored under the cot. All the papers are in various folders or files so we can easily find what we are after and come tax time it is simply a matter of grabbing the tax folder. It does the same job as a filing cabinet but is not using extra floor space.
3.) Take a good look at your entertainment unit. Do you store DVD’s or is there a lot of wasted space? If there’s room, could you fit things behind the DVD’s such as photo albums, candles etc... things that don’t get used a lot. You could even store things like toothpaste or soap as they come in boxes and would be easy to stack so they are not seen by anyone in case you are worried what other people will think.
4.) Get rid of anything you are not using, don’t need or don’t have any specific use for. So many people hoard things for “one day” which rarely comes.
5.) Have a place for everything and keep it there! This is probably one of the biggest problems for many – stuff everywhere. Clear out like I said above then organise your living space.
6.) Use over doors – you could make an over the door storage thing or buy one. How many doors do you have that you could do this too. You could even use these for your paper work. Have a separate pocket for each thing e.g. bank statements, insurance etc...

When you are sorting and organising make sure you know where you are putting things. Maybe write a list so you can keep track. Use clear boxes where possible or write on boxes what is in them so they are easy to identify and you don’t constantly waste time rummaging through 10 boxes to find things.

Also places like IKEA and Howards Storage World are great for getting ideas.

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