Wednesday, February 3, 2010

101 update

I have a few things planned to cross off my list soon. I have decided in April to go to Sydney for 1 – 2 nights. I am going to climb the bridge, go to the Centre Point Tower Restaurant and learn to surf! I am pretty excited. It is all cheaper than I thought, though still not cheap!

I have been reading to my girls, even though half the time they are not really interested! They are fairly independent girls who like to do their own thing and entertain themselves.

My first book to be published should be out soon, which is very exciting.

I have started my gratitude journal which I think will really help me have a better view on things and appreciate my husband more. I suffer from depression so I think this will really help me with that.

I am keeping a food diary and I do not eat very well! I eat too many carbs I think and not enough fresh fruit and veg. And it has only been a few days! Mind you I have not felt the greatest the last few days.

I have gone for 2 walks this week so hopefully I can do another one tomorrow and I will get to that size 10. I am aiming to be able to do 5 more crunches than I can do now by this time next week. I can do 20 at the moment, so my aim is 25 by next Wednesday.

The quote for this month is “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels”. Yes it is aimed at me. My kids are too young to read so it is not going to scar them for life. I have it on my wall in the kitchen to remind me. Funnily enough my food diary still says I eat crap.

I have lots more plans in the works, so it looks like I am starting this list well.

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