Sunday, February 7, 2010

Much desired lamp

I am very excited about this lamp. I don’t expect anyone else to be. My husband was less than impressed when he arrived home on Friday to see it.

I have nowhere to put it in our current place but I have been eyeing this lamp off for what feels like FOREVER! I had actually decided that if I saw it ½ price I would buy it. On Friday I did better than ½ price.

I walked into a store I LOVE and there it was. At the front marked down. Originally $146, now $50. There has to be something wrong with it I though, but could not find anything. I asked the assistant. Nope, it’s all good.

So I bought it and I love it. Too bad I have nowhere to put it and it is sitting in our storage room! Oh well. I am happy with my bargain and I know when we have a house I will use it. Mind you, I have been eyeing off our furniture and wondering how I could change things to have it sit somewhere. I have some ideas, so you never know!