Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Last night I made my nephew’s birthday present. He is 1 today. Can you guess his name?

This may look like an ordinary blanket, but it’s not...It’s a quillow! What the heck’s a quillow? It is a blanket (quilt) that can turn into a pillow! Quilt + pillow = quillow. Hilarious I know!

All you need is
2 pieces of polar fleece 180cm x 180cm
2 pieces of polar fleece 60cm x 60cm

I stitched the name on one of the small squares. Next I used blanket stitch with the wool and stitched the 2 small squares together down 2 sides (the top and the right hand side.)

Next I laid the small squares on the large squares the bottom left hand corner, so the 2 sides that had not been stitched were on the corner of the larger squares.

Blanket stitch right around the large squares including the edges of the small squares to join all the fabric.

Lastly use a sewing machine to run up the right had side of the small squares to join them to the big squares and make a pocket.

That’s it. It didn’t take me as long as I thought and when I make another one I will take step by step photo’s for you, which should be in the next month.

To fold it: Fold it in thirds one way, then the other and fold it in on itself in the pocket to make it into a pillow.

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