Wednesday, March 24, 2010

101 things

A lot of things have changed in my life in a very short time and looking at my list of 101 things in 1001 days I am unsure how much of it I will be doing and how much of it is relevant to me now. Only about ½ of it can be/will be done, so I am giving myself until the end of May to complete what I can, come up with a new list and donate $10 for everything I don’t complete to charity.

The main thing that has changed everything is separating, as some things were only doable with him and some were for him, such as learning Tongan and now those things are no longer relevant to me.

So for the next 2 months I will be on an intense trip I think, trying to accomplish things on my list. I am quite excited though, because some are things I have been wanting to do for a very long time. It will put a bit of a dent in my savings doing some of these things, but I will feel proud of myself for accomplishing what I can and 2 months gives me a good amount of time to re-evaluate where I am at in my life and what is relevant to me and where I would like my life to go.

I am considering doing it as a list of things I want to do and not have a set time frame, but then it makes me wonder if I will do them. I seem to be very good at procrastinating. I will have a think about it all.

Meanwhile, this week I think I will be able to mark a few things off my list, which is exciting!

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