Friday, March 26, 2010

3 more done

So continuing on from my 101 things I have completed 3 more things.

#8 Keep a food diary and it was scary. I eat way too many carbs and I have seen so many ways I can reduce the calories I eat and just eat better in general. I wasn’t overly bad, but it wasn’t the best either, so it was a brilliant eye opening exercise.
#14 Donate to Kiva. They give out loans to people to help them start their own business. I did one small donation, but plan on doing more. The awesome things is once they repay, you can use the money to lend to someone else. So your donation can keep on giving. I LOVE that it will be able to help so many people. I chose a lady who is doing sewing.

#93 Learn 10 things to improve my blogging. I have been Googling and have found some great articles and awesome tips, a few of which I have implemented and more that I will be doing over the next few days. I’ll share once I have done them.

So I am going OK on my list. Hopefully in the next week I will be able to cross off a few more!

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