Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kmart - dangerous situation today.

I will never shop in Kmart again. I had the absolute worst experience in there today, which I have emailed them about, but the damage is done as far as I am concerned.

We went in to pick a diary for my sisters birthday. My daughter ran ahead and fell over in tile glue.

There was a section about 3 tiles wide and 10 tiles long where the tiles had been pulled up and glue was on the floor. There was yellow fencing on one side, but the other 2 sides had a thin strip of red and white tape. It was placed high enough for your average 3 year old to run under without even touching it.

My daughter ruined her dress and shoes. I am grateful though that she did not pick up the lid that was covered in tile glue and try to eat it as it looked like caramel. I am also grateful that she did not pick up one of the tools sitting in a tool belt well within her reach and hurt herself with that. She ended up with glue all over her arms and legs, which would not come off with soap and water, so we have been having fun trying to get it off.

I informed staff what had happened. The one I spoke to couldn’t have cared less. I said maybe they need to block the section off properly so this does not happen again. Another one asked if my daughter was alright, but it wasn’t genuine.

I had to go buy a new dress and shoes for her and when I asked if they could be reimbursed, the staff member said no because there were yellow signs. I am sorry, but they did not section this dangerous area off. They are a family store and that was negligence on their behalf. Yes, if my daughter had stayed with me it would’ve been fine, but the fact is she is a 2 year old and they do not always listen to their parents. If the glue had been properly sectioned off she would not have fallen in it.

I said to the staff member, that’s not good enough.

With a massive angry huff, she said I have to call the manager. I said that’s fine.

So I stood to the side waiting for the manager to come down. She came down with 4 other staff members. With the staff member I had originally complained to I now had 5 staff members looking at me like I was an idiot. I also had all the customers looking at me since there were so many staff around me. I felt completely intimidated and wanted to cry. Stupid, but that is how this situation made me feel.

The manager gave me a $15 gift voucher and I took it because I just wanted to get out of there. I had deliberately picked the cheapest dress they had for $13 and the shoes my daughter had on were marked down to $8. So all I was asking was for $21 to cover the $29.95 dress and $19.95 shoes my daughter had ruined because of them.

I was even glared at as I left the store by the original staff member I spoke to.

I cannot believe I was treated so poorly. If the manager had come down by herself I would have asked for the replacement value of what I had in my hands, but I felt so intimidated by the other staff there I just wanted to go. That I am sure was her intention.

NEVER again will I step foot in that store. I do not care if they have things I want for less than elsewhere. With that sort of treatment, they do not deserve my money.


  1. Wow.. that is very poor indeed. I hope your daughter is ok and I hope that your email yields better results.

  2. Kmart has been on my banned list for years now. They treated my SIL like a second class citizen too and I never got help there. Hope your DD is glue free and doesn't end pu with a reation to the glue either!

  3. Thanks.
    Got it all sorted. The email did prove to go better, and I am getting reimbursed properly, but I will never shop there again.