Tuesday, March 23, 2010

No internet

No internet for 3 days nearly killed me! BUT on the other hand it enabled me to do things that would not have been done otherwise.

I had to go to the shops and get a new modem. Lucky for me, I got a good offer, ended up getting it for free as well as more G each month in exchange for not changing providers. I have 3 months left on my contract and was going to cancel, instead they offered me a 12 month contract (which is really only 9 when you take into account I had 3 months left anyway), with extra’s, so I took it.

When I got home I just had to put my sim from the old modem into the new one. No worries. But wait, where is it? I searched everywhere. The bench, the lap top bag, the bookshelf, on top of the microwave and fridge, under the lounge (that was gross and there was an insane amount of Duplo under there), under the cot, the single bed, I mean EVERYWHERE. I pulled my place to shreds looking for it.

Then it dawned on me, start cleaning and rearranging and you will find it. I had been wanting to swap the sofa be in the lounge and the half of the modular in the bedroom around for ages, but my husband always refused to let me coz he wanted to do it, it was too heavy for me blah blah blah. Yesterday I realised that he has no say. Why have I been leaving it like that for so long. We are not together anymore! So I did it. I was so proud of myself because it was HEAVY. AND I did it with 2 littlies constantly under my feet.

Whilst in the process of moving the lounges I decided to take down the curtains coz they needed to be washed as well. I am so glad I did that, because there, wrapped in the bottom of the curtain was my modem. How it got there, I have no idea, but I found it.

I have also started to recover my lounge (I finally worked out a way to do it) and it is coming along awesomely. I should have it finished by next week to show you all!

So because my 1 year old snapped my usb modem, I was able to rearrange all the furniture, give the house a good clean and do a few things I had been meaning to get done but just hadn’t. So sometimes when something seems bad, it’s a blessing in disguise.

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