Saturday, April 24, 2010

101 update

So, probably not a real positive post this one, but it’s honest and realistic. I have only been doing my 101 things for a few months, but so much of my life has changed that many things on my list are no longer applicable to me or I have already failed them.

To start with, here’s the ones I failed at.
3.) Do a manicure and pedicure every month
7.) Go for a walk at least 3 times a week
13.) Keep a gratitude diary and write in it weekly
21.) Write in my journal weekly
29.) Read a book to my daughters every day
31.) Have a fortnightly date with my husband
32.) Have a weekly family activity
38-43.) Things with my Sydney house are no longer needed
55.) Have a dinner guest every month
81.) Make lounge covers – I did, but half the lounge was broken, so only half got done and I just want a new lounge.

Now here’s what I am no longer interested in doing
2.) Have a full day at a health spa or retreat. I’ve had various treatments at day spas and honestly, none of them have been that great and often I see so many OH&S issues I am not comfortable.
4 &5.) Be able to do 100 push-ups and crunches in 1 go. I really don’t need to do that. I just want to be healthy.
46.) Eat at Centrepoint Tower. I have been a bit disappointed with various restaurants of late and don’t want to shell out $100 to eat and be disappointed here. Whilst the view is great, there’s no other reason to spend that much on dinner. I’d prefer to get fish and chips and sit on the beach.
78.) Learn to knit and knit a scarf. You know what? I have no interest in this, so will be scrapping it.
79 and 80.) Do my daughters scrapbooks. There’s no time and I have really lost interest in scrapbooking. I’d rather put the photos in an album and leave it at that.
86 and 89.) Learn enough Tongan to converse with my husband’s family and learn 3 Polynesian dances don’t interest me anymore since we are separated.
100.) Do 1 thing every month that pushes me out of my comfort zone I think was a bit too airy fairy and not a definite, so I will be scrapping it.

So that’s 24 things that haven’t or won’t be achieved from my list. I have already donated the money to charity as per #20.

On a more positive note, I have completed some more things from my list.
Numbers 8, 14, 16, 19, 62, 66, 67, 70, 93 were already marked as done.
99.) A new fridge/freezer was purchased the other day. Brand new from the shop! Long story, I won’t go into details about it, but it’s done.
So that’s 10 done and I have quite a few in the process of being done soon.
98.) Will be done on Monday.
76.) I am up to 14/50 new recipes
75.) The fridge has been cleaned out, I just need to maintain that!
68 and 69.) Completely de-clutter and finish the toy box will be done next week. Though, the de-clutter needs to be kept up for the rest of the 1001 days.
18.) Until the 31st of May, I will be doing haircuts and things to raise funds for a charity, so I should accrue a few more hours there. I have done 2 hours of the 101 so far, so only 99 to go!
11.) I am part way through The Bible.

There are others in there that I have part done or started and have to restart, so I think I am doing OK and I think its better that I am honest about what won’t happen now, rather than leave it on the list. How’s everyone else doing?

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