Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Switching to more natural products

I have been reading a lot about using more natural products. There is so much information out there about the dangers of various chemicals in food, cosmetics, cleaning products etc... Also the environmental effects of some products such as palm oil can be quite alarming. Some is grown and used sustainably, but how do you know what companies are using sustainable and environmentally friendly products?

I find all the information out there overwhelming. A lot of it concerns me as I do not want to destroy the world anymore than it already is for my kids. My mother died from cancer, so I have concerns there about the products I use.

We all want to do what’s best, but how do you know what is best?

I have been looking at the products I use and have been slowly implementing things that I think are more environmentally friendly or healthy.

For cleaning I pretty much just use bi-carb and vinegar now.
I have been using up the body moisturisers I keep getting given and once I ran out of facial moisturiser I switched to organic coconut oil.
I have been researching meat and have found the organic butcher I will be buying from. Not only do they not use any hormones etc... in their beef, the cattle have lots of space to roam and they do not use any chemicals on the property, so the cows are eating just grass. No chemicals.
I am slowly switching to all locally grown and organic where possible fruit and vegetables.
I am about to embark on making more of my own beauty products. I really need a new lip balm. My lips get very dry and crack during the change of seasons. I don’t want to be putting 50 chemicals I can’t pronounce on my lips. I am also going to be experimenting with some more natural deodorants I have found. People that know me, you’ll have to tell me if I stink and be 100% HONEST! Don’t be scared! Lol.
I already make my own soy candles to use as air freshener instead of those plug in ones or aerosols.

There is one thing I am going to struggle with I think. I like to change my hair colour every now and then and I have a brand I prefer. I have worked in the industry for years, used lots of different products and have my favourites. I really don’t know how I’d go using a more natural approach, but I am open minded. Next time I do it I will be trying a more natural product, but I will be nervous.

So, what more natural things are you switching to? Anything you can recommend to me?


  1. I have been considering the henna hair dyes from Lush since I saw them in Penrith... from a hairdresser point of view and a natural perspective are they any good?
    Because I also noticed that Lush are trying to turn all thier products to Palm Oil free.

  2. I was thinking those ones. I just used up the last of my dark professional colours so will be trying that one next time. I haven't heard anything about it so it'll be interesting.