Tuesday, May 11, 2010


My life has been so hectic at the moment. I have been trying to organise to get our car repaired. It has been in 2 accidents recently and a little light has come on that needs to be fixed quickly. So I’ve been dealing with smash repairers and mechanics and insurance.

I have also been organising things with my book, the sale of my house, de-cluttering more, had church things and the list just never seems to end!

I am very excited though. I have had the afternoon to myself and have been able to complete the bedroom, kitchen and am about to do my laundry/bathroom. In about 1 hour, I will be dropping bags of stuff off to the second hand shop again.

I truly cannot believe how much stuff I have been getting rid of. Where did it all come from? Why did I think I needed it? I am in a 1 bedroom place; seriously there was no room for this stuff. I was wasting so much space.

So I am extremely happy that I have almost completed de-cluttering my house. One thing that I think has helped a lot is knowing I am not having any more kids I have been able to bag up baby stuff and get rid of it.

Another thing has been realising that just because I liked clothes I used to fit, doesn’t mean they will sit on me well now or as I continue to lose weight or that I will even still like them. I have gotten rid of bags of that sort of thing, along with maternity clothes.

It is so freeing to just get rid of what is not being used and to have space. In my bathroom I have many items not opened or used once that I don’t want. They’ll all be going. I will have space in my drawers again! Woo hoo.

Well, I better go off and do it. Have fun.


  1. Well done! Decluttering junk is the best feeling. It's so freeing. It makes you wonder why you wasted so much money on it though doesn't it?

  2. LOL, yeah it does! I am so much more conscious of what I buy now.

  3. I should probably take a leaf out of your book... all that effort is most likely good excercise too, right?