Sunday, May 30, 2010

Katiegirls challenge

Over at Katiegirls blog she is having a clean out your pantry comp where you can win a free $21 challenge book. I did a quick glance the other day and made something, then today did a proper clean out and look. I obviously really like tinned tomatoes I discovered! Lol.

So for the next few weeks I am going to see what amazing things I can invent from ingredients I forgot about. Here’s some of the things...
Polenta – I thought I threw this away, because I wasn’t going to use it. Obviously I didn’t, which is good because I now have a recipe in mind!
Easi-yo drinking yoghurt sachets – I got these on clearance a while ago, even though they weren’t near expiry. I’ve already made muffins which I will post about soon. I have a few more ideas for it too.
Tinned passionfruit – I never use it, so why did I buy it? It will go to good use though I am sure.
Mixed nuts – I have had these for a while sitting in my Tupperware container. Tonight I crushed the almonds for a recipe I have in mind tomorrow and I have 3 more ideas for the rest of the nuts.
A 3kg tin of peaches – I remember when I bought these my SIL asked what I would do with that many peaches without them going off. I remember them being so cheap I said I would work it out! Lol. So I will be using this entire tin in this challenge. I have decided to call it “Peach Week” and will be posting about it on my other blog here.

So I have a few things to use in this challenge and by the end of it i will have saved money and have more space in my pantry! Awesome challenge Katiegirl! Thanks.

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