Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A necessary evil

My daughters have both been bottle fed. I am not against breast feeding, I just couldn’t do it. I admire those women who can and who it is easy for. My 1st daughter lost weight at birth which is normal but did not get back to birth weight until she was 6 weeks old. We had a lot of problems breast feeding and I was advised by all medical persons concerned to go with formula.

Personally I did not enjoy it so was rather relieved. I had a lot of milk, but it did not fill my daughter or giver her any nutrients as even when I expressed and she had a bottle full of breast milk, she was still not full.

So for me, bottles and formula were necessary, but it is a NIGHTMARE if you can’t find a single one and your baby won’t drink out of anything else.

My 1 year old is pretty good with drinking out of cups during the day and doesn’t always wake at night. This week I was down to 1 bottle. How that happened I have no idea. I know there was one at her dad’s house and one here, but where the others disappeared to is beyond me.

Earlier this week we went for a walk to the shops. She had the bottle on the way down, and walking around the shops, but somewhere between the shops and home it disappeared. Usually I don’t let her sit there with one, but I was hoping she’d sleep as she was laying down and was tired.

Oh, well I thought. It won’t matter. She can have a cup during the day and a dummy should suffice for the night as she has a lot to eat and drink during the day. I was WRONG!!

NOTHING would settle her. I resorted to my 2 year olds drink bottle, so she would at least drink something. There are 2 problems with this. 1.) She cannot lay down to drink, so she ends up waking up fully. 2.) If she does fall asleep it leaks everywhere.

This has resulted in me having pretty much no sleep this week which has been no fun. I thought after a few days she’d be alright. I didn’t have much trouble weaning my first daughter. This one though, wow, she doesn’t want to give up.

Well, yesterday her dad came over with her bottle and you should’ve seen her bouncing around she was so excited. I was going to persist, but when it is a choice between decent sleep or no bottle, I will pick a decent sleep.

If i had been able to breast feed this would not have been a problem!


  1. wow! She's definately your kid! remember DMT refused anything but the bottle untill KT smashed it in a game of Basketball by landing on it... one of the most devastating days of her life!

  2. sleep is definitely important, do whatever it is that works for both of you. And yes if you breast feed the bottle wouldn't have been a problem, but sometimes some children find it hard to wean off the breast. A bottle you can throw away (eventually), but your can't get rid of your body parts :)

  3. LOL, I remember Lambchop.

    LOL snookie, I ddefinitely would NOT want to get rid of these body parts, maybe improve, but not get rid of! lol.