Monday, May 17, 2010

Productive frugal day

I have had a rather productive day today. I’ve consolidated my freezers. I have 2 and yesterday I realised I only have enough stuff for 1 so I may as well switch the other one off. I defrosted the big one an as I was packing its contents into the other freezer I took note of everything I have.

I’ve done a little stock take of my fridge and pantry to plan my meals for the next few weeks. I have enough for about 3 ½ weeks, possibly 4 weeks. I should only need to spend about $40 on fresh fruit, some toilet paper and pasta.

I have done some cooking, banana cake, peanut butter cookies, chicken soup, cooked up some chevaps and fried some sad celery for a soup I’ll make tomorrow.

I am consciously going through my house and everything I do to see where I can save money. I know I have been pretty slack lately and I really need to save some money. I am going to be re-reading my frugal books and placing reminders up around my house to help me.

I did save petrol today. I walked to our local shops and back to post a package I sold on eBay. I have about ¼ tank left and I want to s-t-r-e-t-c-h it as far as I can. I have been slack and just driven to the shops when I needed something, and they are under 2kms away! By forcing myself to walk I think twice about what I “need” to get.

I am so glad we are in winter now, because my girls love soup. It’s cheap, filling and warms you up on a cold night. I made cauliflower soup last night which fed us all for under $2. Tonight’s dinner is under $2 for all of us too. That’s the whole meal cost $2, not per person. Tonight’s dinner is chicken soup in the slow cooker. I put in some celery, carrot, corn, skinless drumsticks, stock I had in the freezer and have just slow cooked it all day. We’ll be having it with some of the rolls I made today. I got the drumsticks for $2kg and won’t even use them all tonight.

There are so many soups you can make and they are a great way to use up vegies. If your family think of them as more of an entree than a main, they make a great afternoon snack or an entree for a simple meal instead of dessert afterwards.

I also love the fact that in winter you can rug up to get warm, whereas in summer it is harder to get cool. I have all the blankets out. My daughters sleep in fleece all in ones which keeps them nice and warm. We also have fleece sleeping bags and feather down doona’s to keep us warm.

I had the heater on a few nights ago and found with all those blankets, we didn’t need it, so I am trying not to turn it on.

I’d really like to get our electricity usage down. It’s not as high as many people’s but I know I leave things on standby too often and my freezer has not been full for some time. There are so many little things I could be doing, I’ve just been lazy.

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