Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Before photo's

I promised before pictures yesterday and here they are. Sorry but I am not one to strip down to a swimsuit to show you my shocking stretch mark covered muffin top. In fact if you are ever fortunate (and I use that term oh so loosely! Lol) to see me in a swimsuit, it is accompanied by board shorts and a singlet top. That is not coz I hate my body, it’s a modesty thing. I’m not comfortable flashing (unlike most of Gen Y, I know, I’m weird and I’m cool with that!)

So here is my front

I realise I am not huge or anything. I am at an uncomfortable weight for me. I am in the overweight *BMI section which puts me at risk of numerous things such as diabetes. Add to that my lovely PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) which already puts me at risk for diabetes and you can see I do not need to up my risk by remaining overweight.

Here is a side view. I really didn’t know how to stand and didn’t want my arms covering my delightful tummy bum so I stood like an idiot instead!

And last but not least is the bum shot. This is the one that screams at me. It screams “I’m gonna bust outta these jeans if you even try and move!!!GRRR!” See, my butt is an angry butt coz it is squished into one of the few pairs of pants I have. Poor bottom. Don’t worry, my tummy is screaming too that it is getting crushed when I try to do these jeans up.

Now I realise I am not overly fat and that if I dressed differently I would look much nicer. I already mentioned the diabetes things but add to that my mum and Gran died of cancer (mum was only 37), my pop of a heart attack, my other pop has had a few strokes as has my uncle (mum’s older brother). Given these few family diseases, I don’t think I need to push my luck too far. I’d like to live a healthy life for my daughters, not be killed young when I could have prevented it or have a lower quality of life due to my own mistakes.

Is it going to be easy? No. Am I aiming to be super skinny? No. I would like to be a toned 65kg, which is right in the middle of my BMI. To me that is healthy and what I would like to maintain. I was that when I got married and see no reason I can’t be again. Mind you, I was that weight and lived on a diet of coco pops, cheesecake and Krispy Kremes (yeah, my best friend/flatmate worked at The Cheesecake Shop and my boss’s wife was a high up manager for Krisy Kremes and since my friend was a Uni student and I was an apprentice free food was AWESOME!!)

So really, I shot myself in the foot when I was younger by taking for granted the ability to stay slimmer. I did exercise then, WAY more than I do now. But I was still not a healthy 65kg.

So join me as you see me got from OK to FANTASTIC!!

If you're gonna join why not check out this bloghop?


  1. So brave. So brave. I haven't reached the point of posting full pictures yet. I don't want to be super skinny either but I can't stay 40lb overweight either.

    It's hard to know how to dress for your weight. I get it wrong all the time.

    Found you through fat to fit. My like is the watermelon skewers.

  2. LOL @ the angry bum comment!

    Thanks for joining in the blog hop it's so lovely to see how other peole are doing as we all struggle on different weeks (hooray for that! lol or the world would fall apart)



  3. Thanks Ardienne. Yep, the full length pics were a must. And now that I have seen my butt properly in these jeans I am not so happy with them! lol.

    My sister is REALLY good at dressing ppl and she has helped me pick out outfits that look good. My little personal shopper lol. This is obviously NOT an outfit picked by her!

    Fruit skewers are a great snack! I forgot about them. Thanks.

    LOL, thanks Gail. I must say joining a blog hop on this was the best thing for me, coz yesterday I nearly ate some bad stuff, then didn't coz i have to report on here and ppl will see it!

  4. Good luck with your weight loss journey. Happy FYB Friday! Mich x

  5. wow! you are so brave putting these pictures up there. How busy are you? how on earth do you find the time to keep up with these blogs you have! I am looking forward to following your weight loss journey. Keep up the good work. Naomi

  6. You go girl! I'll be following your progress and hoping to glean loads of inspiration to start my own journey! Be proud.

  7. Thanks guys.

    lol Naomi, I love blogging, so it's easy.

  8. YOWZERS - if they are the BEFORE photos .... COUNT ME IN!!

  9. Visiting from Follow Me Back Tuesday! Love your blog. I need to hop on the fitness train myself. I believe I have PCOS as well, and it's such a pain in the backside.

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